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Dillon's Jack in the Box by Design


"J.J." is so big and blocky, it's a bit intimidating when he comes bounding to meet you....but get to know him a little better, and you'll find he's a gentle giant. He loves standing up to give me a full body hug. (J.J. and I are about the same height when he does this!)

Swimming and running are his passions, and he's never met a human, (or another dog, for that matter), that he didn't love! His mouth is fixed in a permanent grin, with his tongue hanging out. He's just happy with all the world, all the time. His puppies all seem to inherit his calm, happy-go-lucky personality and his gorgeous looks! It's a great combination in a dog.

Golden Focus Ivanhoe


"Dane" represents the beginning of a new era for us here at Thistledown Farm. While all of our dogs are of European descent, most were born on American soil. In the Fall of 2013, Brant and I traveled to Denmark to pick up our first imported puppy, Dane.

We chose him after extensive research into kennels all over Europe. He has the lineage of some amazing European Champions!

Dane is also free/clear of all types of PRA and Ichthyosis. He has grown into a majestic, regal adult Golden, and we couldn't be more pleased with him. His personality is sweet and affectionate. He dearly loves to have his tummy scratched, and will lie in that position indefinitely, if there's a chance someone might indulge him.

Ch. Sleepysong Raymond Rock

thistledown golden retrievers ohio


Meet our newest imported boy! Rocco is a fun loving, happy guy. His passion for tennis balls and playing fetch is a near obsession. Rocco is also a strong swimmer and enjoys water retrieving.

He gets along well with our other dogs, and even the cats! He truly enjoys our kids, too. Rocco is a Junior and Senior Champion in his home country, and we look forward to seeing what he can do here in the U.S. Rocco sired two amazing litters before joining us here at Thistledown Farm, so we are excited to work with this proven boy on a litter for us in the near future!

Slav Trophy Lilac Wine

thistledown golden retrievers ohio


Meet Boris, our beautiful young Prince Charming! We have high hopes for Boris as a future stud prospect here at Thistledown Farm. Boris hails from prestigious Norwegian and Dutch lineages, so we can't wait to see what he can do here in the U.S.

He is a playful, affectionate, energetic pup, but quickly growing into an amazing dog!

thistledown golden retrievers ohio

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